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Article Written By: D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.
Special Report: Two Generations in Crisis
Experts say the Millennial and Gen-Z generations will be WORSE off than their parents because they have less earning power.

But what does that mean?

It means, the Baby Boomer generation had the ability to earn more money over their lifetime.

Why is this happening?

The first problem is Millennials and Gen-Z have more debt. As you know, American's have $1.7 trillion in student loan debt weighing them down.

The second problem is high school and college graduates can no longer get high paying jobs.


Before the 21st century started a college degree was almost a GUARANTEED ticket to a high-paying job.

But those days are long gone. Most college graduates cannot earn six-figure salaries.

In fact, according to a recent US News and World Report article, the average salary of MBA graduates is $100,000 a year.

Forget about high school, forget about college - that's graduate school!!

What's the answer?

There are actually two answers. The first answer is study more, take more tests and get ready to add more to your student loans.

Yes! The first solution forces you to go to business school - so take those GMAT's, fill out an application and be ready to pay $75,000 in tuition.

But there's a second solution.

The second solution is MUCH Faster, MUCH Simpler and MUCH Cheaper.

The second answer is learn the Five Essential 21st Century Skills with Leaf Academy.

Why do I need to know the five essential skills?

In 2020 researchers at Georgetown University published a comprehensive study that proved high paying jobs required people to have five essential 21st Century skills.

What are the five essential 21st Century skills?

Let's connect the dots.

We know MBA graduates earn $100,000 a year, we know that high paying jobs require the five essential skills - that means business schools MUST teach MBA students the five essential 21st century skills.

Bingo!! You just hit the nail on the head.

The reason MBA graduates can command high paying jobs is because they know all five skills. And they are: leadership, team building, problem solving, sales and communications.

What can you do?

If you're struggling financially and wondering what you can do to get out of the money pit-  there's good news!!

The answer is LEARN all five essential 21st century skills.

You have two options:
1) Go to Business School
2) Learn with Leaf Academy

If you decide to learn with Leaf Academy:
1) It's Faster
2) It's simpler

The Choice is yours.

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Written by D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed. 
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