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"Teachers are the Warriors of Democracy" 
-- D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.


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Teacher Self-Care is One of the Most Important Issues in 2020!
That is Why Leaf Academy Has Created this Special Self-Care Program for Teachers Across America

What's Inside the Leaf Academy Self-Care Program?
-The Self-Care Emotional Sustainability Worksheet  
-The Self-Care Weekly Schedule Template
-The Self-Care Packet
-The Self-Care Guided Meditation Videos
This Self-Care Program is Valued at $97

But Teachers Can Have Full Access for FREE

Running for C.E.O. of American Schools

America Needs a 
Chief Education Officer
What Does a Chief Education Officer Do?
1. They solve National School Problems and Issues
2. They advocate for Teachers
3. They protect students from the system
4. They debate with Elected Leaders

Why Does America Need a C.E.O.?
1. Teachers have no time, no voice, doing too many things, and living and working in a chaotic environment
2. Administrators lack management experience and skills, are not actively listening to teachers or parents, making decisions based on their own "inner" voice, not achieving results, and panicking about poor results.
3. Our Elected Leaders are not connected to Teachers or Parents, act only for their own self-interests, display moments of incompetence, and  pander to the masses in order to get elected.

The Solution
The problems schools, teachers, and parents face are all solvable. It will not be easy. It will not take a month to solve. The solution requires time, massive coordination, and monumental leadership.

The solution requires One Person, a Chief Education Officer, who is willing to put in the hours, the sweat, and also deal with the frustration of a system that was created in the 19th Century that fails to meet the needs of 21st Century students.

This person cannot be the savior of American schools on their own. In order for the Chief Education Officer to be successful they will need massive public support. They will need 1 million teachers in America, who say, "Please Help Us!"

The Chief Education Officer will need 1 million parents who say "We want a better education for our kids!"

Picking the Right C.E.O. is Key!
Qualifications of a Great C.E.O.:
1. School-based experience
2. Proven Results
3. Compassion for Teachers and Parents
4. Care Deeply About Student Achievement
5. Thick skin to deal with elected leaders

Why D.Scott Schwartz is Running for C.E.O.
1. He has school based experience, he has 20 years of experience in education, inside schools, public and charter. For the last 10 years, in addition to his position as Principal and Superintendent, he has been volunteering to train and run professional development workshops in public/charter schools across New Jersey. 

2. His systems, methods and strategies have proven results. When he took over a special needs program in New Jersey, the graduation rate was hovering around 75%, when he left in 2019, the graduation rate was 99%. Ten percent of the students enrolled in his program were reading two or more grade levels below non-disabled peers, his literacy coaching program boosted literacy for 100% of those students, and in some cases, students returned to public/charter schools on grade level.

3. He works tirelessly to help teachers. Since the shut down in March 2020, he has been working tirelessly to advocate for teachers and parents, hosting zoom town hall meetings, writing white papers, debating with elected leaders, and answering questions from the Department of Education and the Department of Economic Development.

4. He is dedicated to student learning and achievement. If you wish to read more about student stories, follow the button below.
Teacher Tools
Self-Care Checklist
Student Engagement Tracker
PBIS Teacher/
Student Game

Take the Surveys

For More Info About LEAF COMMUNITY Scroll Down!

One way to build a better Teacher Community is to Give Teachers a Voice!! And we want to give all teachers a voice for FREE, that's why you can get access to these Teacher Surveys. Fill Out Each One, Take Your Time, Be REALLY HONEST!!

If you want to change the K-12 System, You Want Your School Culture to Change for the Better, then Answer these surveys. What do we plan on doing with the answers?
We intend aggregate the data and start to report to each State Department of Education and to the US Department of Education what Teachers think. Not individual teachers, but COLLECTIVE TEACHERS!! The more teachers that fill out the surveys, the MORE POWER teachers will have in reshaping the K-12 system.

That's how DEMOCRACY works, and if Teachers are truly the "warriors of democracy," then teachers need to be aware that we are at WAR with our own government. But teachers are not revolutionaries, teachers typically don't like to take risks -- that's why filling out a survey is the EASIEST way to have your VOICE heard while taking ZERO RISK!!

Important Note:  We acknowledge that teachers are discouraged from speaking publicly, posting on social media or taking any political stand, or else, they could be let go, reprimanded or suffer other consequences. That's why these surveys are the ONLY way to get HEARD without any individual risk to you or your teaching position. We will only use Aggregate Data in Reports and will always keep individual teacher survey information anonymous and confidential.

Trying to Beat the Formal Observation Rubric?
Struggling to reach the "highly effective" rating?
Are you a Novice Teacher (less than 5 years)?

Exclusive Limited Pre-Launch Offer!!

During Spring 2021 ONLY, a limited number of teachers will be allowed to join the BRAND NEW LEAF COMMUNITY at a DEEP DISCOUNT off the regular annual membership price. 

That Means, Teachers Will Get Immediate Access to the WHOLE COMMUNITY
For Much Less than the General Public, Once We are Set to Fully Launch

That's great news for you...
Because you just happen to be lucky enough to see the post, ad, or "Highly Effective" guide that led you to this page
There are close to 4 million educators in America, and only a few thousand teachers will see this offer
Consider yourself one of the lucky FEW!!

What's Inside the LEAF COMMUNITY?:

  • Live Teacher Coaching  (Value $997)
  • ​Exclusive Teacher Content (Value $497)
  • ​Exclusive Teacher Resources (Value $497)
  • ​Access to Nine Online Learning Modules (Value $4,473)
  • ​Exclusive Educational Research (Value $497)
  • ​The Power of a Education Think Tank Behind You! (Priceless!)
  • ​To name just a few things inside this BRAND NEW Leaf Community

Introducing the LEAF COMMUNITY

You Will Get Access to All of This for $197  $37, during this special Pre-Launch Limited Offer! The BRAND NEW LEAF COMMUNITY was designed to give teachers everything they could ever need or want in ONE PLACE -- that could help them with their career.
Yes, that's right!! One simple location that includes everything that a teacher could ever think of to help them improve their performance.

Why should you join the LEAF COMMUNITY? 
Because there is no other online community like it. Every other offer, every other mastermind class, every other site for teacher professional and career development is designed to "nickel and dime" the teacher. 

Why is the LEAF COMMUNITY different?
First, this community was created and built by an educator. No other online community is founded by a real educator. Most of the edtech tools and communities are developed by non-educators for educators. That is why those sites and communities have limited resources, and career support. 
Second, that's why the LEAF COMMUNITY can offer so much VALUE for such a LOW PRICE!! For a low annual membership price of $197  ($37), every teacher gets instant access to over $8,455 worth of resources, tools, and online learning courses. We can offer it for such a low price because it's all designed by an educator. The bulk of the research, work, writing and lesson planning did not need to be OUT-SOURCED! That means the savings can be passed on to you, the Teacher!!

Lastly, because the LEAF COMMUNITY was built by an educator, only an educator would know what a teacher needs:
-- Save Hundreds of Hours Researching, Planning and Prepping for Classes
-- Save Thousands of Dollars on Teacher Resources, Coaching and Career Advancement
-- Earn Thousands of More Dollars reaching higher levels of performance on the Observation Rubric

Everything is all in ONE CONVENIENT PLACE! For One Low Price! And it's all TURN-KEY!

Now for a Very Limited Time (SPRING 2021) a limited number of teachers will get exclusive FULL ACCESS to the LEAF COMMUNITY for $197  $37 for one full year. This offer will not last. When we are ready to do a Full Launch, our goal is to reach 1 Million Educators across North America, that means the teachers that get EARLY ACCESS will be getting a HUGE DEAL!!

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