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  • Day One (Leadership Skills)... How well do you listen? In this lesson, you will learn how well you actually listen to people. Listening is a key leadership skill. 
  • Day Two (Team Building Skills)...  In this lesson, you will get a Behind the Scenes look at the NEW Team Leaf Academy is building called "The Movement" 
  • ​Day Three (Problem Solving Skills)... People who can problem solve major issues in real life will make millions of dollars. Test your problem solving diagnostic skills in this lesson. 
  • Day Four (Communications Skills)...  Do you get the level of attention you want? If you're trying to get a promotion at work or you are trying to market your business or services, you need to get attention in the 21st century. Learn how to increase your attention in this lesson.
  • Day Five (Sales Skills)... Why should everyone learn sales skills, even if you're not a salesperson? In this lesson, you will learn that Sales Skills gives you the POWER OF PERSUASION in the palm of your hand. Can you think of a situation, in which knowing how to persuade people would make your life better? 
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