Leaf Academy Terms of Service
Last Updated on May 3, 2024
Leaf Academy (herein Knows as "The Academy") is a provider of educational content, programs and resources. Our products and services consist of virtual classrooms, digital and print books, workbooks, worksheets and other eduCational materials, as well as pre-recorded videos

The Academy also offers consulting services, which can be in the form of virtual meetings, conference calls, phone calls and video calls, as well as, on-site consultation as necessary.

The Academy is a subsidiary of Education Development Institute, LLC (Herein Known as EDI). EDI legal address is Five Greentree Centre, 525 Route 73 North, STE 104, Marlton, New Jersey 08053.

3. Refund Policy
The Academy has a 14 day No Questions Asked Refund policy.  The Academy may ask customers who seek a refund for a reason for the refund, but all refunds will be processed within 14 days of proof of purchase. If a customer is requesting a refund - As soon as they receive a refund, they will cease to have access to any paid programs, classes, consulting, or any other product or service offered by the Academy.

4. Terms and Conditions
Website Use: Customers may be permitted to create user accounts to access certain functionality of the Academy. All User Profiles must abide and follow all applicable State and Federal guidelines and rules regarding non-discriminatory language, speech, conduct and behavior online.

No customer is allowed to download any aggregate data or information from the Academy site, documents or other proprietary products or services, without express written consent from the Academy. All Customers must abide by the rules set forth by teachers, or other Academy employees or officers.

In its sole discretion, Leaf Academy may suspend or deactivate any customer profile without warning, if any customer violates state or federal discrimination rules, policies, guidelines and laws in the United States.

If a customer's account has been suspended and/or deactivated for violating state or federal discrimination rules, policies, guidelines or laws in the United States, they will not be permitted to request a refund past the 14-day no questions asked refund policy.

5. Privacy

6. Contact
If you have a customer service question, you can email the Academy at info@leafacademy.org

7. Secure Website
The academy uses standard web encryption powered by https. Customers should expect a normal level of protection online when using the Academy website, but all Customers should be aware to not provide personal and sensitive information online, unless on a secure website.
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