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How Leaf Academy Started...
Once Upon a Time... America was the most powerful nation on Earth. We had the best schools, we had the best military and we also had the most opportunities for ordinary citizens.

But then the 21st century started and everything started to fall apart. Our old roads started to crumble, our old bridges started to collapse and our OLD EDUCATIONAL system couldn't help people compete in the 21st century anymore.

Then one day, "The School Doc" decided to do some research and find a better solution. And in 2011, he became one of the first superintendents in America to adopt a 21st century skills curriculum.

And people started to take notice. And his students were doing better than their peers in high school and college. That's when the NJ Joint Legislative Committee invited him to give expert testimony before them. They asked questions, he gave answers and data and proof that a 21st century skills curriuclum was a huge upgrade to the OLD SYSTEM!!

Unfortunately they ignored him. They ignored the research, they ignored the data and they ingored the proof.

Then in 2020, "The School Doc" was asked to participate in an Administrative Panel at the "Teachers For Good Trouble" Virtual Summit. Everyone wanted to know more about 21st century skills, how they work and how they help people be more successful. But after the summit was over, all the experts, the doctorates of education and the professors ignored him and all the proof.

That's why Leaf Academy was launched in 2021. If the OLD SYSTEM refuses to change, then LEAF ACADEMY is going to offer a real alternative. You can't learn 21st century skill in high school and college - BUT YOU CAN LEARN THEM HERE!!

If you have a problem in life, there's a solution for that here at Leaf Academy!

When you come to Leaf Academy, you can choose which 21st century skill you want to learn and focus on, whether it be leadership, team building, problem solving, sales or communications skills. If you want to UPGRADE your OLD EDUCATION, the solution is here!!

Expert 21st Century Educator
D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.
"The School Doc"



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