"The School Doc" has been a guest speaker at conferences for many years. When he speaks, people listen because he weaves stories about real world experiences into his speeches, while at the same time educating and informing the audience about factual evidence and academic research.

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"The School Doc" has been the host of his own weekly podcast since 2020 and has been a guest on other podcasts as well. If you want a dynamic guest that will push the envelope and also provide trustworthy information to your audience, he is the one guest that you will remember for a long time.

Leadership Groups

"The School Doc" is a perfect addition to any leadership panel or round-table discussion when it comes to leadership in the 21st century. He is one of the most cutting-edge 21st century educators in the world and he is one of the very few people that know and understand the research behind 21st century leadership skills.

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Professional Credentials
  • Certified Principal, Superintendent, School Business Administrator
  • ​Legally Certified to Present PD
  • ​Experienced PD Presenter
  • ​Recognized as an expert in the field of education by the Nj Department of Education, the Joint Legislative Committee on the Public Schools
  • ​Experienced Speechwriter 
  • ​Undergraduate Degree from Brandeis University in American Studies, double minor in Journalism & Media Studies
  • ​Masters Degree from Montclair State University in Educational Leadership
  • ​Masters Level Certificate from Montclair State University in School Finance
  • ​Post-Graduate Certificate from New York University in Film Production & Writing
Published Author
Disrupting Education: 
The Path to 21st Century Schools
Published 2023
  • Stop thinking with an "old mindset" and start using a 21st century mentality to education
  • ​How you can turn your local school into the world's best 21st century learning environment
  • ​Special Bonus Chapter - The 6 Fundamentals of Leadership Skills
The Education Thought Leader for the 21st Century

One of the biggest issues facing the K12 system in America is overcoming the fear of change. Everything that schools do, from what they teach to how they operate is simply because "that's how things are done."

"The School Doc" is changing that mindset.
He is a recognized expert educator by the NJ Department of Education, the Joint Legislative Committee on the Public Schools, and "The Teachers for Good Trouble" movement.

He is the first superintendent to develop and adopt a 21st century skills curriculum. He is the creator and developer of the Teacher Development Program, which is the most effective teacher training/prep program in the country and he is also the architect behind Leaf Academy, the first online school that teaches people how to be successful in the 21st Century.

If you want to UNLOCK YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, you call "The School Doc."

About Leaf Academy:
The Story Behind The First School to Teach Success

What is the purpose of school?

Have you ever thought in-depth about that question before? Most people haven't, which is why our school system neglects your educational needs. The truth is you can't become successful if you learn the wrong things.

That's right, if you spend years learning the WRONG stuff, then when it comes time to apply that knowledge into the real world -- you're stuck in a boat without a paddle.

How You Can Achieve Successful in the 21st Century

The truth is there is actual science to success in the 21st century. Yes, there is actual research that you need to know, in order for you to avoid the most common mistakes people make and also to give yourself EVERY advantage you deserve.

The school system doesn't want to teach you this information, which is why Leaf Academy is here. If you want to stop feeling stuck, if you want to give yourself a huge advantage in life and if you want to become successful in the 21st century, then you should check out everything Leaf Academy has to offer.

Professional Development Credentials
Providing Professional Development for More than 10 Years
  • Legally Certified
  • ​Experienced PD Presenter
  • ​A Recognized Expert in the field of education
Expert Speaker
A Recognized Expert in the Field of Education
  • Given Speeches to groups of Superintendents, Principals and Teachers
  • ​Guest on Podcasts
  • ​Interviewed by Journalists
Published Author
  • "Disrupting Education: The Path to 21st Century Schools" available on Amazon today!