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How Leaf Academy Got Started...
This story is not over by any means...

In fact, YOU play a vital role in how this story will end.

Do you believe every student deserves a high quality education?
Do you believe that America should have the BEST educational system in the world?
Do you believe that you should have the freedom and ability to move up the economic ladder, if you work hard enough and follow the rules?

If you believe in all of those things -- pay close attention to what you are about to read -- because you won't believe how you can make those outcomes possible...

In order to better understand this story -- you need to realize that our country is controlled by our media and elected officials. You also need to be aware that both the media and elected officials are like moths to a flame.

What that means is unless you are a "SHINING LIGHT" they will ignore you.

That's probably why you never heard of "The School Doc" before today. In fact, you may be wondering, "who in the world is 'The School Doc?'"
Click here if you want to read more about "The School Doc"...

Before we go further, we need to agree on a few facts:
1. Every child goes to school in America
2. The law mandates every school district follow a curriculum
3. Every curriculum in the United States expired in the Year 2000

You might want to argue against these facts, except you're argument has no proof to back itself up. All you have is "belief!" And unfortunately, your beliefs are wrong.

Don't blame yourself for that fact -- blame the media and your elected officials. 

That's because they have been telling you a story that's no longer true.

The story they have been telling you is that if you come from nothing, the chances of you becoming something are virtually impossible. The story they have been selling you is that without a college degree - you won't be successful. 

Have you heard this story before?

It's easy to believe a story, when no one can prove the story might be wrong. The problem is the media and our elected officials are not listening to the data or proof. They are ignoring the truth - because they want to sell you a false story.

Do you believe you can be successful without a college degree? Do you believe that wealthy school districts provide a better quality education than low income districts? Do you believe the Achievement Gap cannot be solved?

If you believe those things are true - it's because you believe the story the media and elected officials have been telling you. And why wouldn't you believe them -- since no one can prove those stories are wrong??

But what you need to hear is that the media and elected officials are purposely looking the other way. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. The problem is our media and elected officials think the "TRUTH" is evil.

What you never read about in the newspaper or heard about on a podcast, was that "The School Doc" was one of the first superintendents in America to adopt a cutting-edge 21st century skills curriculum in his K12 district in New Jersey.

That's right, "The School Doc" replaced the same old, outdated curriculum that you learned in school, your kids learned in school and their kids are learning in school right now. He replaced it with the most modern, cutting-edge 21st century skills curriculum in the world.

This was back in 2011. That means "The School Doc" has been teaching 21st century skills for over a decade -- and that also means there's a lot of proof this curriculum works.

How well does it work??

The media and elected officials will ignore you UNTIL your light is so bright they cannot look away. They will ignore you until their eyes are blinded by you. 

And that's what started to happen in 2017, when the NJ Joint Legislative Committee on the Public Schools invited "The School Doc" to give expert testimony at a public hearing. What they wanted to know was how they could fix every public school in the state.

Would you like to know the answer to that question too??

Then in 2020, "The Teachers For Good Trouble" movement asked "The School Doc" to speak at their Virtual Summit.

Leaf Academy was launched not long after that. 

Leaf Academy is the first online school that teaches 21st century skills. Leaf Academy is leading the movement to UPGRADE your education in America. 

What does that mean for you and your family??

Right now, it's simple. If you want access to a 21st century education - YOU HAVE TO COME TO LEAF ACADEMY!!

Your local district simply doesn't teach 21st century skills. And the unfortunate and inconvenient truth is your college doesn't either. That means, you are paying $100,000 for an old and outdated college degree.

Why do you think millions of college graduates are living paycheck to paycheck? And why do you think the Millennial and Gen-Z generations will be the first generations to do WORSE economically than their parents.

The facts are clear...
Most Millennials and Gen-Z will never afford to buy a home
Most Millennials and Gen-Z will never be able to retire
Most Millennials and Gen-Z will never get out of debt

If you want a different ending to your story. If you want to be more successful. If you want to change your life trajectory -- then you need to learn 21st century skills.

And the only school you can go to is LEAF ACADEMY!!

Expert 21st Century Educator
D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.
"The School Doc"



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