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The Leaf Academy Story...
Once Upon a Time... people expected public schools to provide kids with the best quality education in the world. The fact is, despite racial discrimination and inequality, if a student had an expert teacher, they learned how to read, write and do math. 

That was good enough for a very long time, until the turn of the millennium when something profound happened. After the year 2000, the internet became the most dominant mode of communication in the world and with it came a lot of massive changes in society.

The problem is schools and education NEVER caught up to those changes. In fact, every single K12 district in the United States still uses the same basic curriculum outlined in the late 1870s. 

What do students in 2022 learn in school? The answer is still the same as 1875. If a student has an expert teacher, they learn how to read, write and do math.

Where are the 21st century skills? Where is the upgrade to a modern school system? Why are schools so far behind?

Leaf Academy was created to help Millennials and Gen Z learn the five essential 21st century skills the educational system left out. The same five skills that are being taught right now by the most prestigious business schools in the world. 

Every single Millennial and Gen Z citizen was LEFT BEHIND!

And you were left behind on purpose. The reason you feel stuck. The reason you are unhappy with your work. The reason you can't get ahead is not because of you or the diploma you earned. Even Harvard undergrad students paid $200,000 for a worthless piece of paper.

The answer is simple. 


Leaf Academy was created to give you a chance to change your future and your destiny. Do you have a big idea you want to pursue? Then you need to learn all five 21st century skills, if you want to make it a reality.

Do you want a higher paying job, then you need to learn all five 21st century skills, so you can outperform your colleagues and get that promotion or raise you want and deserve.

The reason you are stuck in a dead-end job is because you don't have 21st century skills. That's the bottom line.

That means, if you want to earn more than $15 an hour, if you want to get out of the rut, you need to upgrade your knowledge. 

It's time to stop fighting the universe and start learning the five 21st century skills.

Leaf Academy teaches the five essential 21st century skills. These skills were identified in a 2020 Georgetown University report. These same five skills are the foundation of knowledge for the most prestigious business schools in the world.

And these five 21st century skills were taught to high school students for the last decade in New Jersey. Leaf Academy's founder, expert educator D. Scott Schwartz, M.Ed. was one of the first superintendents in the US to adopt a 21st century skills curriculum.

Simply put, his high school students were receiving the same quality education as Harvard MBA students. 

What could you do with that type of education behind you? What opportunities would you take advantage of, if you learned the same five skills Harvard MBA students were learning?

There is only ONE WAY to even the playing field and that's to provide the best quality education to all. If you want to take control over your future and destiny, then you have one chance.

Start learning the five essential 21st century skills at Leaf Academy. Don't waste another minute feeling sorry for yourself, or wondering what might be wrong with you. The problem is not you. The answer is learn the five essential 21st century skills.

It's that simple and Leaf Academy is here to help you find your purpose and live your destiny.

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