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The Leaf Academy Story...
Once Upon a Time... people thought the academic elites were the smartest people in the room. That's why they let them make decisions and run our public school system.

Then the Pandemic shut down every school in America -- and people started to wake up.

Leaf Academy launched in 2021 by a 20-year veteran K12 insider, who the Academic Elites don't like. There's 3 reasons they don't like him. 1) He teaches kids about the 21st century 2) He follows the research and 3) He's not motivated by his ego.

For ten years, Leaf Academy Founder D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed., proved that teaching students 21st century skills was the key to long term success. Because of the tremendous success of his students and teachers, he gained the respect of regular teachers, principals and even some elected officials. But none of that mattered to the Academic Elites.

They run a private and exclusive club and they don't like outsiders, especially expert educators that prove they are wrong. But "The People" can't ignore the facts, the data and the truth.

In 2017, D.Scott was invited to go before the NJ Joint Legislative Committee on the Public Schools and provide expert testimony on how he solved the K12 education crisis and what teachers, schools and states should do to dramatically improve educational outcomes.

Are you listening? If you want to leapfrog over the Academic Elites and prove them wrong, just like D.Scott did, then browse Leaf Academy. Everything you learn at Leaf Academy is cutting edge. Everything you see is based on real education research from the leading researchers. Everything you take in will help you be more successful in the 21st century.

Stop relying on the Academic Elites, because they have abandoned you. If you don't have a doctorate from an Ivory Tower, they don't even want to acknowledge you exist.

The time has come for ordinary citizens to take matters into their own hands. Watch our Free Webinars, Choose Your Freebies and Sign-Up for Our Exclusive and Cutting-Edge 21st Century Courses.

All Success Journeys start somewhere...Leaf Academy is the Starting Point. 

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