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Helping Schools Move into the 21st Century Without the Headaches
The Three Innovative Solutions
Article Written By: D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.
Creating 21st Century Learning Environments
What Makes a School 21st Century Ready?

Education Development Institute has been doing independent research in the field of education since 2013. From the data, research and findings, we have developed three solutions to help any K12 district modernize their learning.

Solution One

The first solution helps districts walk through creating a brand new, innovative 21st century skills curriculum for middle and high school students.

Inside this new 21st century curriculum, includes the five essential 21st century skills, as well as how to integrate and incorporate SEL competencies and strategies so students grow up to be positive and productive members of society.

Solution Two

The second solution helps K12 districts fully prepare and train teachers to handle any situation that might arise in a classroom. Modern 21st century school districts can no longer afford to leave professional development up to their principals to manage.

What EDI does is walk K12 districts through the process of setting up the Teacher Development Program, which is the most effective and powerful teacher prep/training program in America.

Every teacher that goes through this 2- year program comes out an expert teacher.

Solution Three 

The third solution helps K12 districts become more efficient, make better decisions and also analyze student data better. 

What EDI does is help a school district set up a Principal's Academy, which will help all school administrators become leading experts in education by showing them the best research, how to collect and analyze data better and also how to run and operate a more efficient school system.

Expert school leaders have less stress, get more done and truly love the work they do for their teachers, students and community.

The Principal's Academy helps school leaders become the most admired people in the community.

Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in transforming your old, antique 19th century district into a modern 21st century school, contact EDI to schedule a FREE Consultation. 
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