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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why Should I Learn 21st Century Skills? 

A1: It's a great question. What's the big deal about 21st century skills? If they were so important, why don't schools teach them? That's actually a really great point, so let me give you the expert answer. I have 20+ years of experience inside the K12 system. I started my career in the classroom as a teacher, earned my Masters and came back to become a certified principal, superintendent and school business administrator. When I started in education, I thought the same thing. What's the big deal about 21st century skills? And the reason I thought that was because I didn't learn these skills in school and since I am a highly successful person - The answer is "I don't need 21st century skills!"

But I was wrong, and here's why?

Not to brag or anything, but I was smarter than 99% of the teachers that tried to teach me. The better teachers recognized that I didn't need them to go through a book with me. If they handed me a book, I could read it faster than they could teach it in class. I could also understand 90% of it on my own. All I needed was for the teacher to answer my questions, when I had them. And that wasn't often. But here's the point. School doesn't teach 21st century skills. Thus, I can't say I don't need 21st century skills, since I never learned them in school. 

It would be like saying I don't need to take vitamins because no one ever gave me vitamins to take. Just because you were never got something, doesn't mean they aren't good for you. The same goes with 21st century skills. Just because schools don't teach them, doesn't mean you don't need them.

Here's why you need to learn 21st century skills.

I only realized this when I became a principal and then a superintendent. And the reason it took me that long to realize this was because teachers don't look at the BIG PICTURE. Teachers are focused on helping their students do well in class, and a teacher will teach whatever the district chooses as the curriculum. Teachers don't like to admit this, but if a K12 district wanted to put racist or Nazi propaganda into the curriculum, teachers wouldn't notice. Here's my point. The curriculum your local school uses is based on 19th century basic skills, reading, writing and math. Nothing more or less. 

Think about every English assignment you ever had, what did the teacher ask you to do? They asked you to read the book, analyze the book and write a paper. Do you see my point? They wanted you to read, and write. That's called 19th century skills.

Let's look at every math and science class you ever took. What did the teachers ask you to do in those classes? They asked you to memorize formulas and numbers and then do calculations. That's it. Nothing more or less. That's called 19th century math skills.

Whether you are in kindergarten or senior year of high school, that's all you were doing. Reading assignments, writing assignments and math assignments, even in the most ADVANCED classes. The most you learned were 19th century skills. Are you ready for the big take-away? And remember, I didn't realize this myself until I was forced to look at the BIG PICTURE because I became the superintendent of a K12 district.

Based on actual test score data, about 90% of students can handle 19th century skills, like reading, writing and math by the 5th grade. What that means is 90% of students can handle a teacher giving them a book and leaving them alone by the 5th grade. In fact, most middle and high school students are being slowed down by the teacher's lesson planning. And we see this everyday, where more and more students are bored with school, don't want to listen to teachers and general disinterested. Obviously, this puts the teacher in an awkward situation. What's the teacher supposed to do? They didn't choose the curriculum to teach.

Here's the answer.  What schools need to teach and what I wished I had learned in school was what Georgetown University researchers refer to as the ESSENTIAL SKILLS. According to their 2020 research study, there are five skills that have become the most important skills in the 21st century to know. And more importantly, if you don't learn them -- you will NOT BE successful.  These five essential skills are why you need to learn 21st century skills.

Q2: What are the Five Essential Skills?

A2: There's one thing you learn when you become an expert in your field. And that is your opinion is secondary to what the research says. So I am a real expert in the field of education, but my opinion isn't as important as what the research says. 

So what does the research says about 21st century skills? There is a lot of research on the subject, but the most important research comes from a 2020 Georgetown University report which proved how valuable these five 21st century skills really are. In fact, the top 1% of our country know these five skills. The people who make six-figures know these five skills. And everyone that is building a successful life is using this five skills on a daily basis, including me. I use these five skills more than any other skills that I know.

These five ESSENTIAL skills are:  21st Century Leadership, Team Building, Problem Solving, Sales and Communications skills.

Why put yourself behind the 8-ball for no reason? If you feel disadvantaged or marginalized, it's time to learn these five skills and unlock your full potential. 

Q3: What's Wrong with the K12 System and Why Can't We Fix It?

A3:  If there's one question I get asked more than any other, it's this one. In fact, it's one of the questions the NJ Joint Legislative Committee on the Public Schools asked me in 2017. If you think the K12 system is complex, you would be correct. At this point, the K12 system is not one thing or one person. It's so big that not one person is in charge at this point. It's so big in fact, that the system is on auto-pilot. That's actually why experts have failed to fix or reform the system in over 75 years.

Q4: Can We Fix the K12 System?

A4: You already know the K12 system is complex and runs on auto-pilot. You also know that the brightest minds and leading experts have failed to fix or reform the system in over 75 years, so what's next? What should people do then? Do we need to start over from scratch?

Here's the good news first. We don't need to start over. Yes, there are many problems and those problems compound on each other to make even bigger problems, but the structure of the system actually works. That's the good news.

Here's the bad news! The academic elite and the experts are looking in the wrong direction and in the wrong spots, which is why they keep failing every year. The reason they fail isn't because of their IQs. One of the essential 21st century skills is problem solving, and none of the academic elite know how to problem solve this issue.

Q5: Do you have any proof about your answer in Q4?

A5: Did you think I was going to post A4 without giving some evidence? That's not how I roll. 

If I want to be taken seriously as a real expert in education, I need to show you what's really happening in our schools and classrooms across America. Are you ready to learn the real truth? Pay close attention because I am going to show you what's happening underneath the surface.

When I was a teacher in the classroom, I was not looking at how the K12 system worked. All I was focused on was helping my students get better grades in class and learn how to behave properly with me, with other students and in society. When I became a principal, I was less focused on how kids learned and became more focused on just keeping things in order. When something got out of line, like a student or a teacher, I had to put them back into place. It wasn't until I became a superintendent that I started to realize that teachers and principals don't solve underlying problems. They aren't problem solvers at all, even though they think that's what they are doing. The truth is that teachers and principals are just managers. They manage students and they manage staff. And managing means just keeping people in line. All the real problems are kicked up to the superintendent and school board to deal with.

Are you ready for the real eye-opener? School districts are obsessed with student test scores. That's because we have been told that student test scores prove the quality of the teacher, except you would only be half-right. What about the other half? The other thing student test scores tell us is about the quality of the curriculum. And not in the way you might think. If you read the student test score data, which I have for the last decade, then you know that elementary students score much better than high school students on the same test. WHAT??!!

What this tells us is that the academic elite and the experts are looking in the wrong direction. We have all the data we need, we have all the answers we need, we have all the research we need. The problem is that everyone is misreading or not understanding what they are reading. 

When I realized this, I started to look in the opposite direction. So here's what I did differently. I wanted my students to outperform same-age peers in other schools, so I was one of the first superintendents to develop and adopt a cutting-edge 21st century skills curriculum for the classroom. I wanted my teachers to become true experts in the classroom, which is why I developed and ran the most successful teacher prep and training program in the country. And I wanted my supervisors and administrators to be problem solvers, not just managers, which is why I developed the most effective school management program. 

If you were looking for proof, there's the proof.

If you want higher student achievement and better outcomes, you should adopt a cutting edge 21st century skills curriculum, if you want the highest quality teachers, you need a Teacher Development Program. And if you want the best, most effective administrators, you need the Principal's Academy. These are the three programs I developed over a decade ago, and not only do they work, but they are the most successful and effective programs in America. 

Q6: How does your school model boost student achievement and outcomes?

A6:  This is a topic I love to discuss. Why do people want to be teachers? Why does anyone go into education? The answer is simple - for the kids. There is no greater feeling in the world then unlocking a kids full potential. And in my case, I was not only unlocking kids future potential, but I was turning their entire life trajectory around. 

Unfortunately, public and charter schools only referred students to my K12 district because they thought the kids were hopeless, punks, gang-bangers, and just lost causes in general. The teachers, and principals in those schools had this attitude toward them:  "Why bother?" In their minds, since the kids showed them no thanks or gratitude, why spend the energy on them?

When you read that in print, it sounds awful, but I do understand why they think that way. Here's why schools fail kids and why students FAIL or drop out of school. Did you ever hear the phrase, "Two wrongs don't make a right?" That's what every school in America does. They mistreat teachers and students and then expect students to act appropriately. It's just plain backwards and here's why. 

Your clients are your students. The people who are forced by law to go to school are children. Do you know how children think? 

In a child's mind a valid reason for misbehaving is "they started it."

Children don't care that you are the teacher, the principal or the President. If you started it, they feel justified in acting anyway they want, as long as they feel they are defending themselves. If you want to end student misbehavior, DON'T START A FIGHT WITH KIDS!!

Here's a student success story you can read. I'm very proud of this former student and hope you will feel the same way too. 
Read the Story Here...

Q1: How do expert teachers establish good relationships with students?

A1: The research on student behavior and classroom management says teachers who establish trust, respect and open lines of communication with students will have far less interruptions in class and students who put forth more effort. One of the key starting points is when a teacher can model appropriate behavior. When a teacher has a well structured classroom, which has consistent rules and routines, students begin to trust the environment. 

Q2: How do expert teachers write lesson plans?

A2: Lesson planning is one of the 4 core practice areas of teaching, but it's also the most confusing for teachers because in the current K12 system inexperienced administrators sometimes give bad advice. Here's how expert teachers handle lesson planning. The very first thing an expert teacher does before they even begin writing lessons is to fully grasp and understand the scope and sequence of their subject. 

Q3: How do expert teachers create a safe classroom?

A3: Over the last five years, it has become even more important and evident that students need safe classrooms. Expert teachers create safe classrooms by promoting the learning process, which includes making mistakes and accepting silly answers in class. Students who feel safe to explore and risk being wrong in the classroom are far more likely to push through frustration and overcome obstacles. And that's exactly what expert teachers want to happen.

Q4: How do expert teachers set up rewards in class?

A4: Over the last decade, rewards programs and PBIS have been the victims of massive misinformation campaigns. Here's what you need to know about rewards and PBIS. 1) Both of these program are backed by scientifically proven psychological research conducted over the last 50 years. 2) There are 2 types of rewards "extrinsic" (outside) and "intrinsic" (inside). 3) There are 3 levels of student praise; verbal, immediate tangible and long term tangible. Expert teachers know that random use of rewards and praise is ineffective. They also know that if you don't use all 3 levels of praise, then a rewards program will fail. 


From The School Doc's Desk:

As I continue to speak with teachers and administrators from around the country, I am starting to notice a negative trend. Too many educators are working in toxic school cultures. How did this happen? 

A toxic culture makes going to work harder than it needs to be. The job of a teacher is hard enough, but when you add toxic stress on top of that--it makes the job feel impossible. Researchers from Harvard University did experiments with cortisol levels and the relationship to toxic stress and what they found was toxic stress can actually be contagious. 

Can you imagine that? You might be fine in September, but going to a toxic school everyday is making you sick.

And it affects everyone, teachers, administrators and students. 

Now you can see why I decided to start a Teacher Empowerment Program this summer. And I hope you will join me and invite your colleagues to join as well. It is open to all teachers in North America, yes our Canadian friends are welcome too!

Here's what we will address this summer:

Reduce the Prep Work For Lesson Planning

One of the biggest contributors to teacher stress is lesson planning. The solution is NOT to stop writing lessons. The solution is to make the lesson plan process easier and simpler to do. And that's what we will address this summer. Every teacher who joins the Teacher Empowerment program will learn how to outline 40 weeks of lesson plans in 30 days.

That means, come September, you are no longer STRESSED about lesson planning.

But there's more!

When you learn this little teacher secret, it will reduce a lot of stress you feel. If you knew how to structure 40 weeks of lesson plans, it's much less stressful to decide what activities you want to do. It's much less stressful to decide what day you want to quiz or test. And it's much less stressful to decide when you want students to write.

When you learn this teacher secret--it will change your life. You will go into September feeling a lot less stressed out than you felt this past school year. 
Find Your Voice

Does Anyone Listen to Teachers Anymore?

For the last 50 years, teachers have been complaining about a thousand problems inside the K12 system. Does the general public listen to those complaints? No, they have tuned teachers out!

That's right, no one is hearing teachers complain about teacher pay, working conditions, safe schools, learning loss, common core standards, etc, etc, etc...

Do you want to change that? Do you want to live in a world when a teacher speaks--everyone listens?

That's not a fantasy, that's actually reality in New Zealand, Finland, Japan and China. 

In each of these countries, teachers have the respect of the public. 

How can we do that here in America?

This summer, every teacher that joins the Teacher Empowerment program will learn how to find their voice and start earning the respect of your colleagues, your administrators, parents and the public. 

It's not that hard to turn around public opinion, IF YOU KNOW THE SECRET!!

What I can tell you right now is that no one respects someone who points fingers at others. No one respects a professional who isn't professional. 

Can you see the uphill mountain teachers have to climb? The toxic K12 culture has undermined teacher's credibility. The toxic school culture has made teachers look very unprofessional. The toxicity has made teachers look like whining babies.

It's time to stop ADDING to the negativity and toxicity. It's affecting your health. It's hurting your body and your mind.

The Teacher Empowerment program will help you get out of the toxic culture and away from the negative mindset.

It's time to find your voice and bring positivity to your school!

What Questions Do You Have?

The Teacher Empowerment Program Will Run July and August

How Much Will it Cost?

I Have Over 20 Years in the K12 System

This Teacher Empowerment program will be very different than any program you have ever joined. The first difference is that I'm an educator too. I spent 20 years inside the K12 system. I spent three years inside the classroom as a teacher, I know how hard the work is. I know how much stress you feel. I also know you don't make a lot of money.

Which is why this Teacher Empowerment program is designed to help you--not hurt you.

Why should you pay $300 or $400 for a program that you NEED because the K12 system is toxic? 

When I was a teacher, I always wondered that myself. Does the K12 system do this on purpose? Do they torture teachers so they are forced to pay for programs that help a little?

If you join this Teacher Empowerment program you won't get a LITTLE support-- you will get A LOT of support.

This summer, teachers will learn how to reduce stress by learning the BIGGEST SECRET to lesson planning in education. You will learn how to FIND YOUR VOICE and stop following the negative loop inside your school. Remember the Harvard University research that found toxicity is contagious. You are getting sick just by going to school everyday.

This program will help you stay away from the negativity and how to counteract the toxic culture.

And it won't cost you $300 or $400.

Join the Teacher Empowerment Program

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