4-Day Challenge:

Want to Transform Your School into a 21st Century learning environment?

21st Century Problems

Creating a 21st Century Learning Environment

Revamp Your Curriculum Maps

According to the latest academic research most schools in America are using a 100-year old curriculum to try and teach 21st century learners, which is why kids don't want to pay attention and also hate school with a passion.

Empower Your

Implement 21st Century Leadership
Best Practices

According to the academic literature, if a school doesn't have an innovative 21st century leader making decisions for the future of the school - then that school is falling behind the curve every single year.

The Leaf Academy 4-Day Challenge is a 
One-on-One Coaching Bootcamp

And at the End of the 4-Day Challenge
You Will Know:

  • How to revamp your curriculum maps into 21st century courses
  • How to boost student achievement
  • How to show your teachers more appreciation throughout the entire year
  • ​How to empower your teachers to inspire your students
  • ​How to build a more positive and team-friendly school environment

Problem #1

The School System

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Problem #2


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Problem #3

Your Relationships

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