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Want to Know a Little Secret?

The reason you have "What If's" dominating your mind right now is BECAUSE your district DID NOT properly welcome you to the profession of teaching. They did not say to you. "Here is how you ask questions, here is where you can get answers, and here's a way you can learn what you don't know YET!"

Right? Did they do that? Did they tell you they care about you and your future? Did they tell you they want you to become the best teacher in the district? Did they tell you they CAN'T afford to lose you and you are VERY IMPORTANT?

I'm guessing that didn't happen. I can guess that because I spent 20 years in the system and no one EVER said that to me. When I talk to experienced teachers and I tell them about my Novice Teacher Development program they laugh and say two things 1) Why wasn't that around when I started teaching? and 2) That's not fair!

And they might be right. It's not fair how teachers are treated inside the system, that's why I created my program. So let me backtrack a second and tell you about me and this program. It's called the Novice Teacher Development Program. It started in 2009, when I was a Principal of a school. My name is D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed. and I have 20 years of experience in the system. In September, 2009, 50% of my teachers were going to be novice and it was going to be a huge issue for my students. Let me explain, these were the demographics of my students: Most were from the lowest socio-economic communities in NJ and most were students of color and marginalized by the system. In addition, all of my students were classified with a special need and to make the work more challenging, all of my students were transferred to my program AFTER THEY HAD FAILED inside their local public and charter schools.

You may not be aware, but in NJ, the Department of Education is in charge of schools for the disabled, when the local school fails. It's how the state deals with a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Long story short, I needed the best teachers in NJ, if my students had any hope of succeeding in school and in life after graduation.

We were under a ton of pressure. I, personally, was under a lot of pressure. 

Faced with half of my staff being brand new (Several teachers retired at the same time and 2 got married and moved), I was in a panic. How could we provide a quality education, when the teachers would probably struggle in class? With my back against the wall, I developed the Novice Teacher Development Program, which is what you can register for today.

Are you curious about what happened next?

Teacher Development is 
3x Better than Professional Development

Every teacher has nerves before the 1st Day of School. There's excitement, but also some mystery. Who are your new students? How will they behave? Will they get along from the beginning or will I need to do more interventions? These are normal, annual questions that run through teacher's minds. But novice teachers have more questions. How do I track progress accurately? What if students get confused in class? What happens if more than one student begins to act up? What if students start a physical fight? 

I knew all the questions that a new teacher could ask. The problem was there was no way for me to answer those questions. I wanted to help new teachers, but once the school year starts, I had 100 other admin tasks. What ends up happening? Inexperienced teachers struggle. When they ask a question, the answer they get back isn't very good or helpful. So new teachers "LEARN" that you are on your own. Wow, what a horrible way to run a school system!

If you think about it, this is so backwards and idiotic. Who needs the most help? Newer teachers! Who has more questions? Newer teachers! Who gets the least amount of support? Yep, newer teachers!

That's why the Wall Street Journal reported in 2018 that 1 million teachers quit the profession at the end of that year. This was unacceptable to me. I didn't like this reality. My goal was to develop a program that would prevent teachers from quitting. It had to be THAT GOOD!! It had to provide THAT MUCH VALUE AND SUPPORT!! Otherwise, I would consider the program a failure. 

So Teacher Development, aka ("TD") was born. Why is TD 3x better than Professional Development, aka "PD"?

Because TD is teacher-centered, whereas PD is school-centered. When a teacher has a question, in a PD system, you are on your own. When a teacher wants feedback, in a PD system, you are on your own. And when a teacher wants to learn a specific skill to help in the classroom, in a PD system, you are on your own. Do you see the pattern? Do you see the culture of education starting to take shape? So when teachers claim their principals don't know anything or they don't read lesson plans, they may be right, but who cares? The teacher is ALWAYS on their own. 

NOT in a TD system! In the TD program, there are 3 layers of support. That's right 3 Layers! The first layer is the Q & A Forum. This is where teachers get to ask questions. It's easy. There is a google form, you open it up and submit your question. Have 1 question? Have 20 questions? It doesn't matter. Ask as many as you want. In a TD program, you are NOT on your own.

The second layer is the Mentor Circle. This is where teachers get to talk, listen and collaborate with other novice teachers. It's easy. We have a private FB group, only for TD teachers. Sometimes, when someone else talks about a similar issue, it sparks creativity or a follow up question. Where do you go with follow up questions? Back to the Q & A Forum. Remember, teachers in the TD program, are NOT on their own.

And then there's the third layer, which is the TD workshops and in-service. This is where teachers can actually learn more about teaching, not technology, not something irrelevant to your job, but "how to become a high performance teacher." You didn't dream about becoming a teacher so you could struggle, you dreamt about inspiring students. That cannot happen in a PD system. In a TD program, you are NEVER on your own! 

Let's revisit those WHAT IF's...
What if my lesson plan bombs in class? 
Submit a question to the Q & A Forum first, then go into the Mentor Circle and talk about it. 
As we build the Video Archive up, you can learn more about high-performance lesson planning (We are in Beta).

Let's take the second WHAT IF...
What if my principal does a walk-through and the kids are yelling at each other?
Scary thought for some of you! First, submit your question to Q & A Forum, then go into the Mentor Circle to talk about it and go find a Video on classroom environment and structure. 

See how the TD program is so easy, simple and intuitive?

You have a question, you have a problem, you just need to talk. The TD program has 3 layers of support.
That means 3x more support and 3x more value to you!
This is why TD is 3x Better than PD!

Now that you understand how great the TD program is and I can tell that you are pretty excited about it, can I ask you a special favor?

Will You Help Me, Help Other Novice Teachers?

You understand how TD works. There are 3 Layers of support. The first layer allows you to ask a million questions, the second layer lets you collaborate with other teachers, and the third layer is where you can personally learn the things you want to learn. 

But I need your help. The 2nd layer, which is CRITICAL to the whole program means I need to reach 999 other newer teachers. I need to reach them, so that you can benefit from listening and talking to them. This is a VERY SPECIAL GROUP! Without the 999 other teachers, this program fails. And I don't want that. And you need the 999 other teachers.

So, can I ask for a commitment from you? I know you want to be a part of this TD program. You can see how it is 3x more valuable to you. When you start the school year, you are going to be completely ON YOUR OWN! It's scary. The TD program gives you that safety net that you need. It's a no-brainer!

Will you commit to helping me and the TD program find 999 other teachers? If you commit, it seriously won't take that long. Approximately 200,000-300,000 new teachers start their careers every single year. We need 1,000 new teachers, that's it! See how attainable a goal that is?

Can I get your commitment? 

AWESOME!! Thank you so, so much!

This is going to be a VERY EXCITING YEAR!!  

Want to hear about some success stories?
Cool, cuz I can't wait to tell you! This program has been around since 2009. I started it in my school because of the story I told you about. I literally was scared that I would fail my students. It was not a good feeling to have. But my teachers and other staff were incredible people. They worked really hard. I worked 2x as hard to make sure they got the 3 layers of support. At the end of the 1st year, all of the novice teachers were thrilled at how well the year went. They could not wait to start their 2nd year. It was funny, (not really) but they talked to some friends that graduated the same education programs and were working in public schools and their friends were all complaining about how much "on their own" they were and that they felt like they were drowning. 

Meanwhile, my teachers told their friends about the TD program and they were completely JEALOUS!! How come you get that type of support?

It did not take long for principals and directors of special education to ask the same question. So they all called me. "Would you let us join this program?" So in 2013, I started my education think tank, Education Development Institute, which allowed me to invite NJ public and charter schools to participate. I ran it for FREE, because I was inside the system. Since 2009, nearly 5,000 educators have gone through the TD program. That's right, 5,000!

I can hardly believe how many educators, myself. It's surreal to think about sometimes. Unfortunately, the TD program was shut down in March 2020, when all NJ schools were told to close their doors. That was the longest summer of my life. 

But I'm happy to re-launch this TD program online and to serve you and your needs as a Newer Teacher!!

Get your pencil...
Let's Add it Up!
$997 + $997 + $1,997
That Equals = $3,991
3x the Support and 3x the Value = $3,991
Register Today for this Special TD Program!

Not Sure What Course to Pick?
Why Not Ask "The School Doc?"

Do you have other questions?
Let's Recap:
TD is 3x Better than Old, Traditional PD
The Teacher Development Program Includes:
1. Q & A Forum ($997 Value)
2. Mentor Circle ($997 Value)
3. T.D. Archive ($1,997 Value)
That's 3x the Support and 3x the Value
3 Layers is Worth = $3,991

Still Not Convinced?

What if we Sweetened the Deal?

Because this Program Will Change the System
And All 1,000 Novice Teachers are Very Important People
We Want to Give You a Very Special Offer 
This Offer Will Not Last
As soon as we reach 1,000 Novice Teachers
We Will Close the Roster for the 2021 Class

What If...We gave you 3 Bonuses!

That Means After You Register
You Will Get Full Access to the TD Program
Which is 3x the Support and 3x the Value of OLD PD
But Now, You Also Will Get

3x the Bonuses!!

What is Bonus #1?
The Social Media Kit ($97 Value)
What the Social Media Kit will do is help you 
plan out your social media strategy like a Brand
 Take Your Online Game to the NEXT LEVEL!

What is Bonus #2
 Social Media Account Review ($997 Value)
What the Social Media Review will do is give your account a full review
Your posts, your messaging, your colors
A full Account Review Can Set You Up for Your Side-Hustle!

What is BONUS #3?
 Membership CREDIT DOLLARS $$!!

Huh? Credit Dollars? What is That?
What Credit Dollars Do is 
LOWER THE PRICE of the TD Program!
YES!!! The Suggested Annual Membership is $347

You've Seen the TD program, 
And You Know You're On Your Own Without It!
$347 for the Whole Year is a Huge Bargain!!!
But We Want to Make a Special 2021 Class
And In Order to Make it VERY SPECIAL
We Want to Give You Member Credit Dollars!
If you Register Right Now!!
The Member Price will be:
Not Yet, We Want to Give You More Credit Dollars $$
What if...We Gave You $300 Member Credit Dollars!!

That Would Drop the Price from $347


You Seriously Cannot Pass This Deal UP!
This $47 Price WILL NOT LAST!
As soon as 1,000 Teachers Register
Then, the Price Will Shoot Back Up to $347

And Don't Forget the 3 Special Bonuses!
Bonus #1
The Social Media Kit
($97 Value)

Bonus #2
The Individual
Social Media Account Review
($997 Value)

And BONUS #3
Dropping the Member Price from $347
Down TO ONLY $47!

Fill Out the Registration Form!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my $300 Member Credit Dollars?
When you fill out the registration form, the Member Credit Dollars are automatically applied to your shopping cart.  
Why is the TD program $347 a year?
The TD program contains three layers of support. Right now, the TD program is small and doesn't require a lot of staff, but as more and more schools join on, we will need to hire teachers and staff to manage each layer. We will need a team of teachers to read all the Questions in the Q & A Forum and write answers. We will need experienced and trained teachers to moderate and supervise the Mentor Circle. We don't want to pay teachers minimum wage, which means we need to charge a reasonable amount per year. But we also wanted to give 3x the value to teachers. And we over delivered on that promise. The TD program is worth $3,991, which means Teachers are getting 10x the value for $347 per year. 
What's my time commitment?
Great question. The TD program is a support resource for you. If you have a question, then log on and submit it. If you have free time, read the answers. If you want to learn something specific about students or your classroom, then log on and go to the TD Video Archive. The point is NOT TO ADD ON, but to help you manage your job better. If you trust the TD program, by the end of the year, you will be able to write high performance lesson plans in less time. You will know 3x more classroom strategies than your colleagues do and you will feel 3x less stressed out than everyone you work with. Only put in as much time as you want or need. The TD Program is teacher-centered, so it works on YOUR SCHEDULE!
What kind of growth can I expect?
Another great question.  The TD Program was designed with your growth in mind. Once you register, we will know more about you. What your teacher strengths are and what your areas for improvement are. You can choose to work with us to develop a goal plan or if you have one from your district, we can work together to fulfill those goals. The bottom line is that you will NEVER have to do anything on your own the entire school year AND you will be 3x further along than any colleague in your school. Remember, you are getting 3x the support, so it's easy to say you will grow 3x as much.

Ask "The School Doc?"

D.Scott Schwartz, M.ed.
Read F.A.Q.s or Submit Your Own Questions
Get Answers from a Real Expert
D. Scott Schwartz, M.Ed. aka "The School Doc" is a recognized expert in the field of education. He has coached over 5000 educators over the last decade to excellence, whether they be teachers, supervisors, principals or superintendents.

He was recognized by other expert educators, researchers and also elected officials. He was nominated to join the NJ Governor's Task Force on the Public Schools and was endorsed by members of the NJ Principals and Supervisors Association, NJ School Boards Association and the Superintendents in several states.


Thank You for Learning With Us!
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Thank you for registering!
Let's Start the School Year Together!
Now that You are On Board
Let's Go Find 999 Other Novice Teachers! 
This is Going to be ONE EXCITING YEAR!!

An Overview One Last Time:
The Teacher Development Program Includes:
The 3 Layers of Support;
The Q&A Forum, Mentor Circle and TD Archive
The Total Value = $3,991

ADD 3 Very Special Bonuses:
Bonus #1: The Social Media Kit (A $97 Value)
Bonus #2: The Social Media Account Review (A $997 Value)
Bonus #3: $300 Member Credit Dollars
(Applied at Registration)


If You Register Right Now
You Get This Whole Bundle
The 3 Layers of Support and the 3 Special Bonuses
A $5,335 Value
For ONLY $47
Register Right Now For Only $47

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