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D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.

Recognized Expert Educator, Founder of an Education Think Tank, Founder and CEO of Leaf Academy, 21st Century Skills Expert, Former Superintendent, Author, Speaker and Education Consultant
The reason "The School Doc" is the fastest rising star in the field of education is because he is one of the few educators who has multiple areas of expertise.

In a world dominated by specialization, "The School Doc" is an expert in teaching, learning, curriculum, school leadership, management, culture, student behavior, accountability, discipline, school policy, budgeting and finance.

He has conducted the most comprehensive research, backed by over 20 years of field study and experience.

No working educator in America has done this much work on studying, analyzing and understanding schools, culture and why everything seems to be breaking down now.

Because of his expertise, he became one of the first superintendents in the country to implement a 21st century skills curriculum in his high school.
He developed the most successful and effective on the job Teacher Training and Preparation program called "The Teacher Development Program" and he started The Principal's Academy at the request of several hundred principals and administrators in NJ schools.

Since 2009, no other working educator has advised, coached, taught or consulted with more K12 teachers and administrators inside the K12 system.

In 2017, the NJ Legislature recognized his efforts as a true innovator and expert in the field of education.

He was invited to provide expert testimony before the Joint Legislative Committee on the Public Schools as well as was nominated to join the NJ Governor's Task Force on the Public Schools.

In 2020, the US Department of Education ranked NJ #1 in education in the United States.