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How to Beat the Top 1% and 
Make More Money
Article written by D. Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.
The Top 1% in America own 90% of the wealth in our country. Instead of teaching you how to make more money or how to even the playing field, our schools, our parents and our elected officials want us to GET MAD and RETALIATE!

I spent 20 years of my career in education. I am considered an expert in the field by leading educational researchers and the NJ Legislature. I was always taught getting "revenge" was a form of bullying. 

And when one of my students wronged another student, it was always better to teach the aggressor or bully how to "make it right" rather than try and even the score.

So why aren't our leaders doing the same thing?

How come they aren't showing the average American the secret skills the Top 1% know and are using to "grab" all the money away from everyone else. The truth is there is nothing wrong with capitalism. The system isn't even broken.

The problem is the Top 1% has an UNFAIR advantage over all of us. That's right, the Top 1% know secret 21st century skills that gives them an EDGE over the average American. That means no matter what you do, get good grades, earn more degrees, or work extra hard -- you will NEVER compete with them.

In the early 2000s, the Top 1% saw this millennium was going to be dramatically different than any other time in history. The 21st century has the internet, the 21st century has e-commerce and the 21st century has digital currency.

How the Skills Gap Separates The Top 1%

If you don't think knowing a set of secret skills can help you make billions of dollars, let me show you the proof. 

In 2011, I was one of the first superintendent's in NJ to fully implement a 21st century skills curriculum into my high school. I need to inform you that most of my students grew up in very poor neighborhoods. Most of my students were African-American or Hispanic, therefore they were also politically marginalized. And most of their communities had no role models or leaders who attained higher education degrees.

The experts, the media and even the K12 system told me "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" for my students to be successful. There are too many obstacles in their way. First, there is racism. Second, there is no economic opportunities. Third, marginalized communities start out behind the curve.

I had no reason to disbelieve them, everything seemed to make a lot of sense. There's a lot of data to prove racism, and growing up poor is "too big" a hurdle to jump.

I had no reason to doubt anyone, until the first class of students graduated with a 21st century high school diploma from my high school. That's when the data started to fall apart. That's when I started to question the conventional wisdom.

The problem wasn't the data. The data is real. The problem was uncovering the reason for the data. The real hurdle facing marginalized communities, women, and young people has nothing to do with your race, gender, age or the number of degrees you hold.

The real reason Millennials and Gen-Z  of any race or any gender can't compete with the Top 1% is because they lack the skills necessary to make billions of dollars themselves. 

When you do a side-by-side comparison between the skills a typical Millennial and Gen-Z know and the skills the Top 1% know - there is a huge gap. The problem is the skills gap, more than anything else.

Revealing the Secrets the Top 1% Don't Want You to Know

The last thing the Top 1% want is for  me to reveal all their secrets. If you learn the same secret skills they use, then they STOP having an advantage over you and they will have to start working harder and longer hours.

In reality, the Top 1% has had a 22 year head start on the rest of America. 

But the Top 1% only have that "EDGE" as long as you don't know their secret. So I'm spilling the beans and revealing the secret skills they use to beat the system.

Want to Learn Their Secret?

I have been making posts and speaking on social media since March 2020, when every school in America shut its doors due to Covid. At that time, I realized our nation was in deep trouble. 

For the last decade, I had been helping schools, teachers and administrators within a 50-mile radius of my K12 program with boosting student achievement and supporting teacher career growth.

But the shut down was MUCH WORSE than anyone could have anticipated.

Before the shut down, I had reached 5,000 people in my local community. That's grassroots, pro-bono, volunteer work. Since 2020, I have gained nearly 5,000 followers across the major social media platforms. 

The problem is making posts isn't getting the job done! Not enough people know the secret of the Top 1%. So I decided to publish a TOP SECRET REPORT. Inside this Top Secret Report, you will learn about the secret skills the Top 1% don't want you to know. You will also read about a Secret Research Study published by Georgetown University that SHOULD HAVE MADE "News Headlines", but went completed unnoticed.

I'm hopeful this TOP SECRET REPORT will end the unfair advantage the Top 1% has over the rest of us. If you want this Top Secret Reports, simply follow the yellow button below. It will take you directly to a webpage with more info and a way for me to EMAIL you this Top Secret Report directly to you.

When you get this Top Secret Report, read it, share it, and follow the links inside it.

This TOP SECRET REPORT is 100% FREE. All you have to do is follow the yellow button below to get this FREE Report emailed directly to your inbox.