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The Dirty Little K12 Secret
What the Power Elite Don't Want You to Find Out
Article written by D. Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.
Why won't the media report the truth about our educational system? Why won't Washington mandate that every student learn the five most important skills for the 21st century?

Do you want to know the answers to these questions? Then read this entire blog article. First, we will outline for you how the world has changed in the 21st century from previous centuries. Next, we will show you that the academic elite, as well as the media know that 21st century skills are required. And lastly, we will show you what you can do, if you want to upgrade your 21st century skills and catch up to the elite.

What's So Different About the 21st Century?

You probably know this century is known as "The Digital Age," but what you might not know is why that changed the entire world. And why if you don't learn 21st century skills, you will be a century behind everyone else.

Here's a quick history lesson you NEED to know. In previous centuries, it was possible to become a billionaire if you built a company that could dominate an industry or hold a monopoly. That's correct, a monopoly. Monopolies only became illegal in the US after 1914, with the passage of the Clayton Act of 1914. But before then, if you could corner the market, it was a surefire way of becoming a billionaire.

It's illegal to operate a monopoly in the 21st century, which means, millionaires and billionaires must be doing something different today.

The Dirty Little Secret

How are these billionaires making all their money if monopolies are illegal? The answer is through their education. That's the dirty little secret. They have a better quality education than you do. But it's not from expensive private schools or boarding schools. It's not even from the most prestigious colleges and universities. 

The dark little secret is billionaires are learning the 21st century skills they need in the most prestigious business schools in the world and sharing that knowledge with their friends at dinner parties, fundraisers and on the golf course.

Do You Want to Know What Those Skills Are?

No one knows the exact reason why the K12 or the American collegiate system refuses to upgrade and modernize their curriculums to include the five 21st century skills. In fact, there is no evidence to suggest a grand conspiracy.

The best speculation can place the blame on egotism, incompetence and a stubbornness against change that can only be described as "acting like a 4-year old."

Whatever the reason, the truth is that every high school and college in America should be teaching students the five skills they NEED to know in the 21st century and they are NOT!!

And there is clear evidence that suggests the academic elite and the media KNOW about the problem. The first piece of evidence can be found in a research report published by Georgetown University in 2020 that identified the five most valuable skills in the workplace. And the second piece of evidence is the fact the most prestigious business schools in the world, changed their curriculum around 2010 to include these same five skills. 

How can the academic elite and the media expect the general public to believe they NEVER heard of Georgetown University? Or they don't have a clue what Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Wharton business schools are doing, when most of their executives are graduates of those programs? If they try to make that claim, it's both dishonest and disingenuous.

Want to Learn The Five Most Important Skills for Success?

At this point, you might be asking, "How can I learn these five important skills?"

This may be the most important question you can ask and it's the reason Leaf Academy was created for you. That's right, Leaf Academy was created for ordinary Millennials and Gen Z who don't have access to the most expensive business schools. You don't attend $10,000 a plate fundraisers and you don't belong to a Country Club. 

Where else can you turn to learn these vital 21st century skills?

The only answer is Leaf Academy.

Take the First Step

If you want to learn all five 21st century skills, you need to take the first step. And the first step is learning the First 21st Century Skill - Leadership.

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