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Will Millennials and Gen-Z  
Become the First Generations 
to NOT Be As Successful 
as their Parents?
Article Written By: D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.
Special Report: A National Crisis
It's no secret that most Millennials and Gen-Z are struggling. These are societal problems; living paycheck to paycheck, under a mountain of college loan debt, and stagnant wages for more than a decade. 

No one thought life would turn out this way, especially if you did all the "RIGHT" things, such as get good grades, go to college and work hard.

But being successful in the 21st century is different than success in any other time period.

You could earn straight "A"s and still feel overwhelmed and not have enough money to survive in 2022. 

What is the issue then? How did this become a national crisis?

The truth is if Millennials and Gen-Z want to earn more money, get out of debt and NOT be the first generation to be LESS successful than their parents, they cannot rely on OLD PHILOSOPHIES!

The American Dream isn't dead as long as you learn 21st century skills.

But what exactly are 21st century skills? Did you learn about them in school?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is "No!"

Our K12 system was designed in the late 1800s and the curriculum we still use today is from the 19th century.

Simply put, 19th century skills are reading, writing and math.

Think back to your school days, what did you learn over and over again? That's right, reading, writing and math.

When your High School English teacher said, "We are going to read Shakespeare" that's all you did. Learn how to read Shakespeare.

Reading is a 19th century skill, nothing more or less.

When you asked your High School Math teacher why you needed to learn Algebra, they said, "just because."

The truth is Algebra is just more math, which is another 19th century skill.

So what can you do? Is there a way to overcome the 19th century education you received. Even if you earned straight "A's", it's still a 19th century skill.

The answer is "YES!" There is something you can do. The key to success in the 21st century is to learn 21st century skills.

There is evidence and research that shows 21st century skills are the difference maker in society.

People that develop 21st century skills end up with more money, more power and the ability to retire earlier.

But successful people want to keep 21st century skills a secret, so they can continue to crush it, while everyone else suffers in financial distress.

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